Roller Derbies & Being the Best

I always seem to remember about blogging at the most inopportune times. When I’m working, just before a football match starts, just before bed as I’m drifting off to sleep. And of course, I always say to myself, “Later, later,” or, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and now look at me. It’s been exactly a week since my last blog post. Because I’m lazy like that. (Seriously, I’m pushing it with this one right now as I’m supposed to pick my sister up in twenty minutes. Oh boy.

A couple of things happened though, which was really cool. First: last Saturday my friend Meghan and I (the girl with the skateboard in my last post) went to our first roller derby! It was actually really fun once we got into it and sort of figured it out. (She commented that we should have watched Whip It before going.) I just grabbed my camera on my way out of the house, so no long lens, but, I was really glad I went and even with the few photos I got. 



As well, the second issue of Planet S came out yesterday! While you can see the Lifestyle bit I did, you’ll actually have to get your hands on the issue to see all the photos/profiles/ads that I did for it. So, if you’re in the Saskatoon area, pick up a copy! It turned out really great and I’m really proud of all the pieces that I had included in it. 


Michael Eva won Best Bartender for this year. He works at Amigo’s Cantina and was loads of fun to interview. 


Adam Taylor won Best Barista from his job at Museo. Guys, he worked in Sweden as a barista for a year. That alone should more than impressive. 

So yes, if you’re in the area, pick up a copy. I’m thinking I might take photos of some of the published stuff for those of you who can’t, because I’m nice like that. (And I like to show off.)

Things I’m Loving: 

+ Envoy of Belfast – Let’s just say my wallet is so thankful it’s broke because it would quickly get there if I had any money. 

+ Charity Tickets – If you’re a Canadian Men’s National Team fan but can’t get to any of the games this summer, you can send a kid to a game instead. Since I won’t be able to go, definitely something I’m going to do. 

+ How To… –  A list of ten things you’ll never know if you might need. From how to sharpen a disposable razor to testing a car alternator to surviving in quick sand or being buried alive to hacking an alarm clock, they’ve got you covered. (Let’s hope you won’t need all of those at any point in time!)

+ Milk Tea Boba – Things I miss from Taiwan last summer: bubble tea. I haven’t had it since I left, mostly because if you’re not in the BIG centres, it’s really not the easiest thing to find. Making my own while I’m at home this summer is probably the closest I’ll get, so this will definitely come in handy!


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