Weekend Round-Up

Instagram Me

Instagram came out for Android last week. So, guess what I did this weekend? That’s right, I did that thing where I forgot that I have a very, very nice camera that I love and adore (so much that he’s named), and instead used my phone. Because that’s what you do. You get a new toy and you play with it all the time. But you always come back to that old toy that you love. For right now though, I just have new!toy pictures* to show you.







1. & 2. Egg-y eyes.

3. My brother and my’s two-toned eggs. For a two year old, he picks complimentary colours very well.

4.) Family wrestling in the living room.

5.) We got a foot of snow. Power went out, I didn’t get to have my hair cut, it was cold. Basically: it sucked.

6.) Game nights with the family. Farmer’s pennies. Which I am starting to get quite good at. Even if it took me awhile to warm up to.

* that I realize have been taken with a very, very terrible phone camera. And what’s the point of Instagram if you don’t jazz it up a little? (My PhotoJ teachers are all having mini heart attacks over my logic right now.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ Poem – It’s poetry month (which I think I mentioned in my last post…) and ugh. THIS POEM. My friend linked me to it off of tumblr and just…the imagery that a few lines, a few phrases conjure up is just…breathtaking.

+ Elite Soccer Players Are Smarter Than You Are – An interesting look at the ‘dumb jock’ theory and how that isn’t accurate…at all. The discussion at the bottom gets a bit…off, in my opinion, because naturally athletes aren’t scientists, that’s a different form of thinking. But, that they’re not quite as dumb as a post as most people may think.

+ Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations – Things that should collide more often: Star Wars + history + art. And that’s what happens here. Though, let’s be honest here: I think Han Solo would be the most difficult one to get dressed up. He’d just want to work it in his white t and vest because he could.

+ Nutella Lava Cookies – Nutella is the spread of the gods and Nutella cookies is the food of the gods. Seriously.


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