The Best Of…

I keep trying to get posts up and I’ll get them half started before I inexplicably peace off and do something else. (And by ‘peace off’ clearly I mean I just opened another tab and found another corner of the internet to get lost in.) 

On Friday (when I started this post), I did more shooting of inside restaurants. Which is kind of a double edged sword, really. 1.) I now know where all the best places to eat in town are. Which is great because I love food but bad because 2.) I’m an intern. Who was just a student. Which means that I am at the bottom of the money food chain, even as I have ridiculous spending tendencies. Sigh.





Again, more bars. Because that’s (apparently) where I like to spend my time. Or, more correctly, where Saskatoon wants to spend most of its time. Things I can approve of. 


Things I’m Loving:

East Side Stand Up – A semi-autobiographical comic strip about a Toronto FC fan and his love for the TFC. Related to current things going on in the TFC, which means some knowledge is required. (Which I am proud to say I’m starting to get. #newfanforthewin)

DIY: Around the Home – Spring’s here, after a few bumps and bruises, but it’s here. With it comes that desire to re-do and change and brighten and get rid of and get new and update. These are some fun, cheap ways to do that. Especially if you want to add some simple splashes of colour.

35 Magnum Photographers Give Their Advice to Aspiring Photographers – You know the thing I’ve realized about advice? That, for the most part, it’s really basic stuff that just gets tossed to the side because you think it’s so simple. And then when it comes from the mouths of people who’ve ‘made it’, you realize why simplicity is best. This is full of those simple things, with a few twists in there and a good read.

Sprouted Kitchen – I love food. I feel like I haven’t actually stated that quite so publicly yet. But I do. If you could see the amount of recipes that I have bookmarked and saved in a specially marked folder in my e-mail, there’d be some eyebrows being raised. What I also love is food photography. It’s like a combination of two of the best things. Sprouted Kitchen has both: fantastic food, beautiful photography. And you wonder why I spend gross amounts of time there. 


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