Bits & Pieces

More catching up to do. With school finishing up I just ran out of time. However: that’s now done! I’m no longer in the land of sun and summer temperatures (aka Ontario) but rather cold and sharp winds (aka Saskatchewan). I flew out on Wednesday afternoon, leaving the high 20C weather and landing…here. Where it is cold and grey and not feeling like summer. All to say: hopefully posts will (once again) become more consistent!

But before that happens, just a quick post to cover all the random tidbits that have happened over the last month:

March 7:



My first professional football game. (Yes, it’s football. Drives my family batty.) Toronto FC got the lead in the first half and then LA Galaxy equalized, but we won on the return leg in LA. (Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be impartial as a journalist…hmmmm…) They don’t allow long lenses in the stands which is why these are ridiculous and far away, but one day I’ll be shooting from behind the GK and we’ll be able to look back at these and smile.

March 14:


Grad photos! Since we’re ‘professional’ photojournalists, we decided that we could use the studio that we have available to take our own grad pictures. Which we did. Which I still need to get my hands on, actually….

March 16:


A make up assignment where I had to shoot a woman in a non-traditional job. So I managed to find Valerie Putter who’s been a mechanic for the last six years. Pretty kick-ass, right?

Misc. Date:


A last look at my wall before I left. Drawings from home, Christmas/Valentine’s Day/birthday/just because cards. Two calendars just because (and between the two of them I cover English, German, Spanish and French. It’ll be sad if I don’t know the days of the week by the end of the year).

So that’s it. I’m done. I go home today and then start my internship at Planet S on Monday. One month there and then I’m officially and completely done with school. Onwards to the next adventure!

Things I’m Loving:

+ Barbequed Maple Balsamic Burger – Because even if it doesn’t feel like it here, spring is here and summer will be chasing closely. And what, may I ask you, is more summery than burgers? Other than the beach and a tan with weird lines down your back because your tank top straps got in the way. Nothing.

+ Kate Digilio’s Archive – I’m actually listening to her thaw spring mix right now. I might just be really easy to please with mixes, but I’ve listened to this one four times already, all the way through. I packed to it. And, on Tuesday, it went perfectly with hot temperatures and bright sunshine.

+ “i like my body when it is with your” by e.e. cummings – My friend sent me this the other day and I had forgotten how much I love cummings. Maybe because, unlike me, he abuses grammar and I get a sense of difference from it, but I’ve always just loved how his poems look, how they sound. No different here.

+ Iox Papers – A charming little blog with photosets galore. I love photosets. Maybe because I’ve tried a few times and just fail or because there’s time spent into finding all the things to put in the things in the first place, but I love hers.

+ Community – The TV show is baaaack! We’ve already got two new episodes (the second of which I will be watching right after this) but I am so glad! My Greendale crew is back with all their sarcasm and Inspector Spacetime.


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