Playing Catch-Up

 It’s been ages since I’ve updated. I actually forget what it’s like to have to sit down and create a blog post. Mostly because I keep feeling like I have nothing to blog about, after which I turn around and realize that, actually, I have quite a few things and now I’m going to have to wait to post them all.  I am excited to post about them though, so hopefully there’ll start being less time between posts! Yay!

So, since that last post, there’s been two more editions of the school paper. Our last two editions, actually. Tuesday’s. Thursday’s. I’m actually kind of proud of the things I produced, to be honest. I finally got to have my Athletes to Watch story printed, the one I started the first week we were on the paper and that I’ve just been waiting to complete. I also ended up making a multimedia weather feature video and did a streeter, two things that I hadn’t done up until this last week. All in all: a good way to finish. 




The video to go with the weather feature can be found here. For some reason, which I think can be blamed on it being Monday, I’ve completely forgotten how to embed a video into a blog post. 


Things I’m Loving:


+ Please Forgive My Heart  by Bobby Womack  – Absolutely love this. It’s soothing and perfect to just de-stress to and soak up the warm feeling.

+ Vitamin Boosters – This is my last week of classes. And then I’m done. Which is scary-exciting. Scary because I have none of the things completed (actually, not completely true. WHICH IS NICE!) and exciting because it means I get to start new things. Mostly it just means I’m going to be tired, so definitely going to be trying one (or all) of these!

+ MLS: First-Kick – The Guardian’s look at this last week of MLS. Which is back for the 2012 season. Which I am very excited about. Especially since I was at Wednesday’s quarter finals between Toronto FC and LA Galaxy and ugh. ANYWAYS: MLS. It is here and you should see what’s up. 

+  Ginnifer Goodwin – I adore Ginnifer Goodwin. In that ‘everything she wears is perfect. Excuse me while I get a similar haircut’ kind of way. And those are just three reasons why I adore her. 


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