Birthday Laziness

Since it’s my birthday, I figured I’m allowed to get away with this single, slightly (okay, very) terrible shot of my birthday cake. Which I made. Completely chocolate with mini eggs baked into it. There was a banana cake as well, and two pizzas, but those weren’t quite as pretty. 


When I showed it to my mother while Skyping earlier, I think she got that look that said she wished I was home, but only so I could bake for her. I miss her too. 

It was a bit impromptu but in the end there was ten of us, homemade lentil soup, chicken wings, chips & salsa, rum & cokes, pizzas, cakes and Apples to Apples. To me, it sounds like a pretty good way to bring in a new age. 

Actually, to take pictures for my birthday, I bought a disposable camera and all my friends took pictures. We’re ~unique like that. Once I get them developed, don’t worry: you’ll be the first to see if us digital camera PhotoJs can handle the old fashioned-ness of film. 


Things I’m Loving:

+ My new necklace – I normally wouldn’t scope out what people have bought for me, but I love it so much that I figured I’d share with you guys. It came as a surprise on Friday from one of my oldest friends and the sentiment that came with it just made it so much more special. 

+ Can I Have Your Number? – I’m sure everyone’s seen this already, because I’m always late to the parties (hell, people from our small town back home have been quoting it for awhile!), but my sister and I had a laugh together this afternoon. Which rarely happens, so it’s something I have to take note of.

+ Extreme Chocolate Cake – This is the recipe for the cake pictured above. Seriously: my friends were proposing after the first piece and promising eternal love after the second. You guys: people had thirds of this cake, okay? You have someone to impress? This cake is your answer.

+ Reik: Involvidable – No, I don’t speak Spanish. But! Yes, I’m attempting to learn. Yes, listened to Reik’s entire youtube play list (or pretty damn close). Yes, I think the acoustic guitarist’s smile is adorable. What else does a girl need? 


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