A Click Per Sixty

Decided to take an idea that I’ve seen floating around lately and try it out myself. I know Miss James over at Bleubird Vintage regularly does this, and I’ve always loved what she’s posted, so why not I try? The task is to take at least one photograph each hour, every hour, for a full day. Of course, what I found out, is that you tend to take more than one picture in some hours and, well, others….not so much.

However, for my first time, I think it went fairly well, I did have a bit of fun doing it, though since I was baby sitter extraordinaire for Thaner B during the day, the camera ended up being put down to play more often than not.

9 a.m.


12 p.m.ImageImage

1 p.m.Image

2 p.m.ImageImage

3 p.m.ImageImageImage

4 p.m.ImageImage

5 p.m.Image

6 p.m.ImageImage

7 p.m.Image



8 p.m.Image

9 p.m.Image

Luckily, we did have my aunts and uncles over for dinner and cake as a pre-birthday/good-bye thing for me. Since I’m at school for my birthday, my mom decided to do something early, so I’d at least get the chance at cake.  (Which was tomato soup cake with cream cheese icing which did not go well with that whole lactose free thing I’ve been doing but soooo worth it.)

And yus, in that last picture, that would be Thaner B, wearing my bow tie and hat. #likeaboss

Things I’m Loving:

+ A Year in Photographs – So I’m a bit late to the ‘New Year’ party (just tossed out all the empty bottles/old make up/etc out of the bathroom today), but better late than never, right? And this is a good way to spend about four hours (give or take). A picture a day, for every day, of 2011. Join the debate at the end about whether or not it’s a bit depressing to look back on this past year, or maybe find the beauty even through it all.

+ Spinach Feta Orange Blood Salad – With how large my obsession with food is, it’s a bit ridiculous that food really only comes in in the ‘Things I’m Loving’ part of my blog. But then I see things like this and remember that there’s a reason I don’t talk about food because it never turns out this pretty and delicious looking (even though I always make delicious food. Always.) This: next on my to-try list because my stomach is growling just looking at it.

+ 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself – Again, a bit late to the ‘New Year’ thing, but I’ve kept this tabbed and bookmarked since January 1st. I mean, the list completely makes sense. All things that seem obvious and easy and things we should already be doing. But we’re not because they aren’t really quite as obvious and easy as we first think they are.

+ Tweed Run – I tend to have a thing for clothing that is, traditionally, more intended for males than females. The way it’s cut and put together just appeals to me so much. But what I love even more is when females get their hands on it and make it theirs. Such as the ladies did at this tweed run. It’s a bit old, but nonetheless still inspiring!

+ Lianne La Havasaddicted2etsy did a bit on her a few days ago and I’ve been listening to her non stop ever since. Soft and soothing and soulful would be how I’d describe her. Kind of almost perfect for the middle of winter.


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