It’s that time of year again, when the pile of assignments and exams are only outweighed by the desire for the winter break. This next week is going to be one of bottomless cups of coffee and way too many hours sitting in front of my computer, editing photographs and video to hand in before I leave next week.

However, in order to get all that footage, I got to be a guest in one of Belleville’s newest bake shops. Katerina’s Cakes & Treats opened this September and she was kind enough to let me visit for a couple of days and do some shooting. This is just a sample of what I took, and once the video’s put together, I’ll have that up here as well.





Things I’m Loving:

+ Why Christmas Music Doesn’t Have to Suck – Bruce Handy for Vanity Fair links you to youtube videos of Christmas music that doesn’t suck. Most of it is traditional and old school (and most of them I have on my iTunes already), but it’s definitely going to be my playlist for our Christmas party next week.

+ Black Spiced Rum Eggnog – Christmas and eggnog go hand in hand. And what’s better than making your own? This recipe is a lot more simple than I thought it would be, and adds a bit of a twist on traditional eggnog.

+ Scout’s Honor Co. – A fantastic blog with minimalistic posts on stationary, postage, illustration, etc. They’re shop is set to open up sometime in the next few months, and I’ll definitely be stopping by to pick up a few things.

+ Cape Town – I love capes. My love of capes can’t be properly described. And the last one on the list is one I’d wear on a consistent basis. Hopefully I’ll have one in my possession by the end of the winter season.

Cupcakes at Christmas


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