Christmas Parades…in November







It wouldn’t be a Christmas parade (in November) without a clown, would it? Foxboro, Ontario had their Christmas parade (so short and sweet it was) on Saturday. My friends and I attended for some assignment pictures we needed and the clowns, without doubt, stole the hour long show. 


Things I’m Loving:


+ Shimtokk – It’s now officially less than a month until Christmas.  Which means everyone’s starting to scurry around for ‘the perfect present’ for whoever it may be (hostess, best friend, mother, father, boy/girlfriend, grandma/pa, etc.). However, pretty/whimsical/handmade packaging can be just as much as a gift as anything. Sally and Joke will definitely give you some simple and easy ideas to package up those pretty presents you purchased.


+ Best Trips of 2012 – National Geographic is jumping the gun and skipping straight past Christmas. Instead, they’re heading into the New Year with 20 of the best places to go. Everything from the Olympics in London to Africa’s Virunga Volcanoes Massif and ‘Comeback Kid’ Dresden Germany, the list has something for everyone. I, personally, want to go see all twenty. #justsaying


+ Rainy Mood – Simply put: rain makes everything better. If it just happens to be ‘one of those days’, head on over and let the sound soothe you and be your background noise. 


+ Great Gatsby inspired line – I don’t know if anyone else out there is as excited/worried as I am for this movie to come out (honestly: more worried than excited, but I’m now off track). However! The clothing it has inspired definitely has me excited. Elegant yet playful, dreamy with a bit of a serious edge, and definitely has a feeling for summer. I think Daisy would definitely approve. 






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