Prop or Portrait?

You know what’s really difficult? Going into an assignment figuring you know what you need to shoot and coming out with something…different. Not necessarily bad different, just not exactly what you needed/wanted different. The thing that makes it the most difficult? When the lines between one thing and another are so close and thin that you can barely tell the difference between the two.

That perfectly describes what happened with this assignment. Prop assignment. Which sounds simple enough, right? In theory, at least. Up until you have to go out and make that prop the object of the picture and not turn said picture into a portrait. Which is, well, kind of what I did. Okay, not entirely true. It’s that borderline picture that’s almost a prop and almost a portrait but doesn’t quite decide what it’s going to be. Which is actually quite alright with me.

P.S. She’s not naturally an awkward colour, but welcome to rink lighting, where there is only so much one can do to another person’s flesh colour. Unfortunately.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Anthology Magazine’s Gift Guide – Filled with recipes and guides for homemade presents, this is definitely the place to start for the holidays, especially for those of you who are like me: broke! yet still with a desire to give.

+ The Kitchen Soundtrack – Because every cook needs music while they’re in the kitchen. And this? This is perfect.

+ The Perfect Cheese Plate – I miss cheese. Being lactose intolerant means I can’t eat cheese BUT! it doesn’t mean I can’t admire a pretty cheese plate. And this is a pretty cheese plate. Wow your friends at your next dinner part with one.

+ Great Gatsby Moment – As you know, I just finished reading The Great Gatsby last week sometime. Now there’s a movie, and of course, with a movie comes…clothing! (And who doesn’t like clothing?) This line of clothing is perfect for your own Gatsby moment. (Honestly: I’d wear basically all of it. Ugh so good.)


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