It’s been steadily getting cooler around here (and dark by five o’clock is messing with me!), and how better to stay warm than with drinks and friends? I’ve shot and (for the most part) edited my One Day on Earth piece, but I’m waiting for an okay to post it here, since it dealt with school kids. Hopefully that will come through and you guys will get to see those! I did have so much have shooting that and the project did turn out really well, and I’d like for more people to see it.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Matchbook – An online magazine, Matchbook is a girl’s ‘field guide to a charmed life’ and an absolute joy to look through. The Editor’s Wish List constantly has me adding to my ‘must have’ list.

+ A Shot Off Target – Not your usual sports blog. Football (or, you know, soccer) orientated, Vimbai focuses on how the sport has changed through the years (women’s soccer especially), how people have used it in fashion, art, and her opinion on kits. And there’s some talk of great footballers, namely their fashion sense.

+ Ailera Stone – All her photographs have such a fairytale feel to them, whether it’s a warm feeling akin to happily ever after, or cold and not quite as friendly, they’ve all got something that’s just a bit not of this world to it.

+ Once Upon a Time – The fourth episode aired this week and I’m officially hooked. The switches between the fairy tale moments and Earth moments are done spectacularly, the costumes are fantastic, and the Wicked Stepmother just always seems to have one more trick up her sleeve….

Still Quite Snowless


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