It’s Been a Good Week

Blueberries on the riverbank testify to the fact that there’s still some Summer feeling left in nature. The wind with a bit of a bite this morning, however, promised that Fall will really start to settle in soon.
Yesterday was a good day (it’s been a good week, really). I received my Kinfolk mag. I opened my door to leave for the day, and, there it was, sitting on my banister, just waiting for me. Because of school assignments, I didn’t get to sit down right away and read it, sadly, but that’s what this evening will be dedicated to.
The assignment that I was working on. Then & Now: compare and contrast between a photograph taken ‘then’ (40+) years ago and a photograph taken ‘now’. Mine’s not quite as zoomed in, but, I do think it gets the point across.
Things I’m Loving:
+ Austen Prose – A Jane Austen blog filled with all sorts of continuations/insights/etc of the books that you all love and adore. Filled with reviews and guest posts, it’s an absolutely wonderful find.
+ Stray Italian Greyhound by Vienna Teng – I’ve basically been listening to this on repeat. Basically.
+ So You Want to Attend a Film Festival? – Another article by moi over at GoodPrattle. Check it out and let me know what you think.
+ Homemade chicken soup – I made a chicken last night for some friends and myself, and today I’ll be making homemade chicken noodle soup for a potluck tomorrow evening for a friend’s birthday party. Homemade food is so wonderful, don’t you think?

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