Productive Laziness

    We had a last minute Friday get together at my place (it’s where most of these impromptu get togethers are happening these days) and it resulted in a large game of Apples to Apples and boys trying to braid hair.

These days I’ve been nothing but interested in small details. Especially the small details of my house, or rather, the house I get to live in for the next year. As it was a perfect fall day, I sat on my deck with magazines I needed to catch up on and read while I did laundry. Not only that, but I got to finally show off my pretty cowboy shoes I bought in Kentucky.

Today was productive yet I still got to feel deliciously lazy. Laundry and taking care of garbage and editing some assignments, tidying up my room and getting some mail written/packaged up, and now I’m  sitting down with a cup of tea and going to catch up on the shows I’ve missed over the week. Ah, productivity: you are so nice to have around.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Reading – I’ve been on a huge reading kick lately. I finished Jane Eyre last week, I finished The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes last night, and I’ve just started The Great Gatsby. My Chapters Plum reward card has been invaluable.
+ Clair de Lune – Something about candles just screams fall/winter and I’ve stocked up on so many of their candles lately. My favourites are the McIntosh Apple and Lemon & Lavender pillars. They’re just the perfect thing for fall.
+ Loki Twitter – AKA godofbadassery. Okay, if you haven’t seen the new Thor movie or don’t read the comics or don’t know anything about the myths, this probably isn’t quite for you. But those of you who do? Follow him. Stat. The best part? When he and Tom Hiddleston have Twitter conversations with each other. Per.fec.tion. Or as Hiddles says:

+ Daily Pep Talk From a Best Friend – Because, sometimes, we need to be reminded of the things we should never have forgotten to remember in the first place.
+ Farewell To Nova Scotia – I sang this in my last year of high school in the annual music festival (yeah, I took private singing lessons) and I had an incredible urge to hear it again (after it took me half an hour to remember the title/find it) and here’s two fantastic versions: Rising Gael and Gordon Lightfoot. So perfect.

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