The Difference is in the Details

The details of the house we rented. It reminded me of Anne’s house in Anne of the Island, the one that looks like it grew out of the ground, with Gog and Magog at the fireplace. ANYWAYS.

1.) curtains
2.) bedspread
3.) bath curtain
4.) scarf
5.) my collection of glasses
6.) Kentucky Derby glasses (2003)
7.) glass swan
8.) chair by the fireplace
9.) couch
10.) pillow detail
11. & 12.) the most adorable doorknobs of ever.
13.) collection of wine glasses

Things I’m Loving:

+ Little Odd Forest – They make bags/cushions/etc that are fairy tale related. They’re all so perfect for fall, and, after Halloween, there is Christmas. Personally, I love The Moustachy Gnome. He seems so cheery!
+ Fall themed mixtapes
+ Billowing Sea by Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo – The by-the-ocean bits in this video are perfection.
+ Top 10 Beach Cities – National Geographic makes me want to pack up once more. This time for the beaches (well, the cities around the beaches, really.) Then again, this is par for the course. The pictures of Brazil, Australia, and Israel are my favourite.


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