So What IS Early?

 You know what time of the day is early? Guess, please. If you’re a college/university student, 10:00 am is early. But what’s really early is 5:00 am. Yeah, now I have your attention.
We met with another photographer of the BloodHorse to watch warm ups/practices for the upcoming Breeder’s Cup next week. And I truly learned what early is. Not only that, but it was cold. And windy. And all my winter clothing is up in Canada.
(My friend Mallory is also not impressed, apparently.)
Things I learned:
– be careful what you photograph: horses are ridiculously sensitive to shutter sounds
– the cold + lenses /=/ happy sounds when shooting
– even though I’m Canadian, I am still sensitive to cold. But I am okay with that.
– horses make the most ridiculous faces. They really, truly do.
– I might actually end up missing said horses when I go home. Tomorrow.
Things I’m Loving:
+ GoodPrattle – Which is a wonderful site that does interviews with actors/musicians/directors/etc and just published an article I wrote on the Toronto International Film Festival.
+ Lawson’s Books – An independent publishing house whose first book is one containing Brian Ferry’s photography. I’m ordering mine as soon as it’s available: November 2nd. You should as well.
+ Cute & friendly Starbucks baristas.
+ Zombie by Jay Brannan

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