Caution: Stallions Bite

 More horse farms this morning. Which was a bit dreary with the rain coming down on and off, but Kentucky’s so beautiful, even in the rain that I didn’t mind too much. (Minus the parental worries I had for my camera, that is.)
Lane’s End is where the pictures above were taken. Even with the cool and rainy weather we had a large group for the tour (which tested my nerves as people would try to pet the stallions. Seeing someone being bitten before noon was not on my list of things to do.). All of our guides have been amazing and this one was no exception.
Fall does not show up like this in Canada. I mean, it does, but we don’t have the winding roads and the leaves seem to fall off quite quickly and they’re not as bright? I don’t know, but I love it.

Gainesway farm has got to be my favourite farm that we’ve seen, hands down, perfection. All the barns have the peaked roofs, white walls, and the big rolling doors. The mix of brick, stone, metal, wood. The stalls for the horses are amazing. It’s like a fairy tale farm, to be honest. The rain was not a problem here. Mallory and I could have hung around for a lot longer, but we got hungry and came back.

Things I’m Loving:

+ EliseJoy – I love journalling. In high school it was a daily project for me and I loved it. Elise does such a wonderful job of it, I’m more than tempted to pick it back up soon.
+ Keeneland Ties – What do you buy fathers? Ties! I loved them all and then I wished he would wear a bowtie because those? Those are even cooler.
+ Ryu Sha – I cannot shoot sports to save my life. (Maybe I just need more practice…) but this guy? I look through his stuff about once a week, whether it’s been updated or not, and just…bask. His football photographs make me smile ridiculously large smiles. They really do.
+ Chips & Dip – My kryptonite snack at the moment.


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