It’s been more than slightly busy the last few days. My friend’s had tours booked at several horse farms,  the names of which escape me at the moment, to be honest. I have enjoyed it, even though I may not have the utmost passion for the horses housed there, learning about it all has been quite interesting.
 The pictures above were all taken at one farm or another. These ‘farms’ seem more like estates than horse farms. The gates, the fences, the barns: they’re all beautiful and immaculately kept. Fountains and trees, bridges and pathways, it’s all absolutely stunning and breath taking. We came here at the best time of the year as we’ll drive to these farms along winding, narrow roads and all along the sides are these trees with all their fall leaves and we’re talking of never leaving.
The two pictures above and the first one to this entry are from the Kentucky Horse Park. We got to stay a few hours, did a trail ride, wanted to visit the tack shop, which was unfortunately closed, and missed the museum because we had to leave so it could close, but we loved what little time we did have. Also: my horse’s name was Hidalgo. WIN!
Reason why I’m never leaving? Because the food here is mindblowingly delicious. MINDBLOWINGLY DELICIOUS! I love it all and the waitresses we’ve had so far have been absolutely fantastic and the southern hospitality? Perfection.
Things I’m Loving:
+ Flawed Design [Loki] – I love Loki as a character (devilish as anything gets me, apparently) and this song, especially the remix of this song, fits him so well.
+ The Green Soccer Journal – I need to spend more time perusing this, but everything I’ve seen? So. Much. Love. Football fans: go. Read it. Love it.
+ Tomato Curry Leaves Soup – I love fall. I love soup. I love fall and soup. The two just seem to go hand in hand. And I really want to try this. The pictures make it look so delicious and perfect for fall.

+ October thunderstorms in Kentucky


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