Flashing Food

 Lighting has always been something I get painfully nervous about. If I have my way, I’ll stick to natural lighting and leave my flash in the bag. Not something I should probably admit to, but there you go, I have and it’s done.
Which is why I chose it for my Weakness Editing assignment. However, because it’s partly the people that make me nervous (not shooting them, having them wait while I fiddle with my flash), I decided that food would be a good way to go to help practice. And different types of food so that I’d have to change my approach for each one.

 I wanted the photos to be simple, yet show off the food. (Especially since I’m the one who made it all. The soup? De-li-cious, if I do say so myself.)
I love food. I love photography. I love food photography. So there’s a couple of places that I went to in search of inspiration. Brian over at The Blue Hour always has a simple, home-y, warm feeling to his food photos (all of his photos, really), so that was my first stop. Followed by The Pastry Affair (warning: clicking the link will lead to serious salivating.) and Blue Jean Gourmet, both foodie blogs that have stunning photography to compliment their writing. Journey Kitchen is another blog with down to earth, home feeling photography that beautifully compliments the food, so I stopped by and browsed (and became hungry!) through their photos for quite a bit.
While mine may not be up to par with some of these fantastic food blogs, practice does make perfect, and I do love cooking, so hopefully at some point, with enough practice and attempts, and some flash, I’ll get there.
Things I’m Loving:
+ The Small Object – Especially the Snapshot Camera Stamp
+ While I don’t fit the clothes, I love the Winnie-The-Pooh clothing at Monkey & the Bug. The Je T’aime pillow? If I wasn’t a broke college student, I might even consider it. Maybe.
+ Right now, I’m anxiously waiting for my copy of Kinfolk to arrive in the mail. Hopefully when I’m back from break!
+ Lots of instrumental soundtracks on my playlist right now. Lots of Dario Marianelli. The Pride & Prejudice soundtrack, especially. Dawn and Liz On Top of the World are constantly playing.

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