Sense of Belonging

           Documentary this year has us working on three big projects: Sense of Belonging, Sense of Place, Social Issue. Sense of Belonging was handed in this week and entailed finding five people with something in common.
           I picked redheads as my ‘group’ and asked them all the question, “Do you think society makes too big a deal of being a redhead?” Here they are, along with their answers.
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (01/10/2011) – Erin Johnston loves having red hair. Jokes about it don’t bother her, since most of the time they’re said in jest. However, her best friend, who is also a redhead, can’t stand any redheaded jokes. (Photograph by Amielle Christopherson)
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (03/10/2011) – Jon Miller loves having red hair, but detests the comments on it. Comments like, “He’s that ginger kid,” really bother him, and, as he points out, “You wouldn’t point to someone and say, ‘Hey, that’s my Asian friend.'”(Photograph by Amielle Christopherson)
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (03/10/2011) –  Joel Palmateer finds it a bit frustrating to be a redhead. He used to be a lot more angry about it and hasn’t let it bother him as much as it used to. (Photograph by Amielle Christopherson)
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (04/10/2011) – Corey Della Ventura doesn’t mind the teasing that goes along with being a redhead because, “[…] everyone has slang for everything.” Every once in awhile, though, he thinks it does get a little overdone. (Photograph by Amielle Christopherson)
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (30/09/2011) – With being a redhead, Lyndsay Quin says that, “People assume that I have a bad temper or that I’m a bitch.” At work she’d put up with jokes about having no soul, something she didn’t appreciate. (Photograph by Amielle Christopherson)

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