Granada, Spain

Hello, Granada


Out of the blue, my new host mom told me I could use the weekend to go away.  Dad and daughter were spending a weekend with Grandma and she was going away with friends for the weekend. Friday afternoon was spent quickly arranging for a ride from Málaga to Granada for Saturday morning. I didn’t quite have time to look up a hostel, but a stop at the tourist information in Plaza Nueva had me sorted out and I ended up at Oasis Hostel, which I absolutely loved and goes to show that not everything needs to be planned for a trip to be successful.  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Sara Naomi Lewkowicz


Most of the photography I share here is happy photography. Because people like happy photography, I like happy photography, with colours and design and panning. Of football and food and fashion. It’s easy to digest and quick to click through. Thing is though, there’s more to photography than just that. Sara Naomi Lewkowicz‘s photography is more than that. One of the things that was stressed over and over in my PhotoJ program is that, the true practice of photojournalism follows stories, all stories. From all the pretty and happy to the nitty gritty and heart strings tugging. Lewkowicz follows stories that are more of the latter nature. (TRIGGER WARNING: domestic violence after the jump.)  Continue reading

Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


Hear: This song.
Taste: Salmorejo. Every day for lunch. Perfection.
Touch: Sand between my toes and the backs of my knees.
See: Accidentally watched four episodes of Mistresses with my host mom. Always here for Alyssa Milano.
Smell: Hot pavement. (Yes, it’s a smell.)


Things I’m Loving:

+ The Illustrated World Cup – (For the lolz.)
+ Flip book – (Always impressed by these.
+ Travel themed tattoos - (Looking for inspiration.)
+ Spicy Tortilla Soup - (Hot soup for hot days.)


Being Abroad: Travel on the Cheap


While I was writing my Au Pair 101 post, I was thinking about how, as an au pair, you have to make do with the funds you have to do the travelling you want.  Since I’ve managed to do a bit of travelling while on an au pair budget (which has fluctuated based on family), I figured I’d share how I managed what I did and hopefully that will help someone out there! I’ve found that a lot of Europeans already know most of what I’ve written below, since it is so easy to travel on the cheap here. However, for at least North Americans and possibly others who aren’t used to travel here, this should be very helpful. I wasn’t aware of most of this before I arrived, because it’s just not available in Canada and was definitely a bit of a learning curve. Once you get into it, however, it’s definitely very easy and becomes second nature.   Note that this is a general summary of what I’ve done, so as to be as useful as possible to people who might want to be travelling in various countries. I do have more specific information for both France and Spain, but all of this is definitely useable across the board, no matter where you end up staying.  Continue reading

Food, Madrid, Spain



My favourite restaurant in Madrid was, hands down, Naif. There was just something about it. The exposed brick walls, the light fixtures, the low, stuffed sofas. And then there was the food. The food.  There was always trying and sharing and making sure nothing was left over as we spent the afternoon eating and talking, drinking coffee as we checked our watches to see how much time we had left before we absolutely had to leave. Continue reading