Granada, Spain

Goodbye, Granada


The one thing about not having a plan was that I didn’t have a ride back to Málaga. And then the internet went down at the hostel. And my app stopped working for a few hours. Which meant that getting back to the house involved a bus, a train and a taxi ride that cost more than the rest of my transport that weekend combined. All in the name of adventure. However, before all that happened, I walked (a lot) and took more vertical photos than I think I’ve taken. Ever.  Continue reading

Food, Madrid, Spain

Vacaciones Cocktail Bar


It was the tile that caught my eye at first. Bright blue and light brown flowers against the white, a sharp difference from the concrete outside. Of course, it took me a couple of weeks before I finally made my way in, a coffee date with Rebecca after yoga one Sunday. And, even as Madrid’s in the centre of the country, about as far away from the ocean as you can get in Spain, but Vacaciones feels like you’re sitting just out of sight of the beach, the bar on the corner of the street catching the breeze as it floats by and families walking by, the lights bright overhead, sun coming in through the window.

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Granada, Spain

Hello, Granada


Out of the blue, my new host mom told me I could use the weekend to go away.  Dad and daughter were spending a weekend with Grandma and she was going away with friends for the weekend. Friday afternoon was spent quickly arranging for a ride from Málaga to Granada for Saturday morning. I didn’t quite have time to look up a hostel, but a stop at the tourist information in Plaza Nueva had me sorted out and I ended up at Oasis Hostel, which I absolutely loved and goes to show that not everything needs to be planned for a trip to be successful.  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Sara Naomi Lewkowicz


Most of the photography I share here is happy photography. Because people like happy photography, I like happy photography, with colours and design and panning. Of football and food and fashion. It’s easy to digest and quick to click through. Thing is though, there’s more to photography than just that. Sara Naomi Lewkowicz‘s photography is more than that. One of the things that was stressed over and over in my PhotoJ program is that, the true practice of photojournalism follows stories, all stories. From all the pretty and happy to the nitty gritty and heart strings tugging. Lewkowicz follows stories that are more of the latter nature. (TRIGGER WARNING: domestic violence after the jump.)  Continue reading