Just a Little Messy


For someone who’s s really into all things neat, tidy and organized, I’m also very fond of messy and chaotic. Specifically when I’m ‘making’ something. When I was in high school and spent hours painting, I’d have paint scattered around me, brushes, magazines, containers of water, all of it just spreading out around my room. When I pack, I have this (potentially bad?) habit  of pulling everything out, dumping it on my bed and then trying to figure out how it all fits into my bag. (Here’s a good example (or two) from when I left France last July.) The same goes for when I’m cooking. I grab everything I need and then proceed to make a big, unholy mess as I’m cutting and peeling and grating. And I love it.

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Favourite Photogs: Alejandro M. Campos Herrera


This post came across my tumblr dash a few months ago and I couldn’t help but click to read the entire interview. Then I couldn’t help but go to the photographer’s tumblr. And well, then I couldn’t help being completely in awe. Domino affect, I guess we’d call this. But it’s one of the reasons I love the internet so much. One day you’re just going along, reblogging football images and gifs of Tom Hiddleston being adorable and you find something to fall in love with. Ah, the internet. Continue reading

Good Things




This week has gone by quickly! The sun came back out this week and I’ve been spending my days outside, eating lunch on the deck and playing football with the kids after school. Semana Santa also starts today and the family has a trip planned to London while I will be spending six days in Barcelona! I leave Sunday morning and am quite excited, though not even close to ready to go ( of course!). I’ve never been and think this is the only chance I have of going while I’m in Spain, so really hoping to make the most of it. Crossing my fingers that the weather will be as nice as during my trip to Nice around this time last year! I’m planning on having some posts queued up while I’m gone, so look for those over the next week. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you once I get back from Barcelona!


Favourite Photogs: Nicole Franzen


The first word that comes to mind when I look at Nicole Franzen‘s work is ‘clean’. Followed by ‘crisp’ and ‘bright’.  Every single one of her photos give me that feeling, and not in that clean that makes you think of disinfectant or bacterial swipes. Rather it’s the clean that comes from putting freshly laundered sheets on your bed or wiping up the counter after making dinner, dessert waiting for you on the table. A good, healthy, happy clean. Funny how photography works.

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